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Concentrated dermatologist using medical
Gabba Dermatology provides a range of skin care services including Dermatology, Cosmetic Medicine and Clinical Trials.



The Dermatology Unit at Gabba Dermatology provides a comprehensive range of services for patients, specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing aftercare of skin cancers and malignant melanoma. Our dermatologists are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of over 2000 skin hair or nail conditions. These conditions are identified during full skin checks or via referral from a general practitioner.

Click here for a full list of Dermatology services.


Cosmetic Medicine

Unlike cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medicine allows people to achieve a more beautiful and youthful appearance through non-surgical and less invasive methods. Click here for full list of Cosmetic services.


Clinical Trials

Veracity Clinical Research is a dermatology clinical research company that undertakes trials in the field of skin disorders to explore the benefits of proposed new treatments. Visit to see more information about Dr Spelman’s current clinical trials. 



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